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Theft from Cash Drawer

Week of Jun 11, 2014

The Bowling Green Police Department is investigating a theft from an area Walmart.  On Saturday, May 24th, the Bowling Green Police Department was called to Walmart on Morgantown Road regarding a theft from a cash drawer.  Employees told police a register was over $1300.00 short prompting management to review security footage.  Video surveillance shows two men exiting a black SUV and entering the store.  Once inside the older man blocks the view for the other man to open the register and take out cash.  The men then leave the store and enter the same black SUV. 

One man is described as a heavy set black male in his early 40s wearing a white tank top.  The second man is described as being in his 60’s wearing a plaid shirt and using a cane to assist him in walking.

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